Whether you’ve experienced a personal or professional setback, feel stuck in old patterns of thinking or behavior, or carry the burden of deep, unresolved pain from your past, finding support is an important step toward healing and personal growth.

I offer a safe, confidential, and empathic environment where we can work through challenges, increase self-acceptance and understanding, and create meaning and purpose in your life. Together we’ll resolve current conflicts so that you can achieve balance; improve relationships; and live with greater integrity, creativity, and spirit.

To take this important step and schedule our first meeting, you can email me, call (323) 577-2340‬, or book online using the “Request An Appointment” button below. I look forward to working with you.

Additional resources during school closures: As most cities and counties across the nation have transitioned to distance-learning, I wanted to share some homeschooling/distance-learning resources that might be helpful to your family right now. Many of the resources are free during school closures. Please visit my Resources page for more info.

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